December 17, 2020

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November 11, 2020


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September 16, 2020

How Empathy is Important in Acting, and Arguing in Front of the Supreme Court

How empathy is important in acting, and for arguing in front of the Supreme Court The title of this TED talk is “How to win an […]
September 10, 2020

Q and A with Annet McCroskey: Producer and Talent Manager for Actors

Question and Answer Session with Annet McCroskey: Producer and Talent Manager for Actors We are so excited to invite you to a complimentary Q and A […]
September 9, 2020

Three Great Benefits of Online Acting Lessons

Online Acting Lessons Terror. Excitement. Confusion.Nerves. These were some of the many feelings we had upon making the decision to go entirely virtual with our classes back in […]
September 3, 2020

Acting Lessons Video

September 3, 2020

Kids Acting Class Intro Video

September 3, 2020
online acting

Best Advice for Online Acting

Online Acting Are my parents listening to me right now? Why can’t my little sister be quieter?The WiFi keeps cutting out! Why is this desk chair so uncomfortable? Why […]
August 15, 2020
how to overcome shyness

How to overcome shyness

“How to overcome shyness?” Many parents come to our studio in hopes of trying to make their child not shy.  Of course, no person is inherently […]