Online and In-Person Acting Classes for Teens

Now enrolling. Spots available starting in April. Classes on Saturdays OR Sundays. 

acting classes for teens We want to offer our students maximum flexibility in their training. For this reason, we offer a host of in-person, and/or online training options throughout the week and/or the weekend. 

As a member of the studio, students can choose group classes and/or private coaching. We are committed to tailoring a specific plan for each student based on their experience, and what they’re hoping to achieve by taking acting classes.

Please feel free to call us at (818) 432-3011 to learn more about what we have to offer.  

As a member of the studio, students can:

participate in our weekend group classes including acting technique, and scene study

receive online, or in-person, private coaching during the week from our instructors on monologues/scenes from the studio

rehearse in-person, or virtually, with fellow young actors from all over the world, and receive direction/feedback from our teachers

join our news works lab which has helped students develop many award-winning plays and film scripts

use our studios, located in the heart of NoHo Arts District, free of charge for rehearsals, readings, and to work on their craft

schedule meetings with us to discuss objectives, and setting up concrete goals to achieve them

attend workshops with special guest artists providing invaluable insight into different aspects of the industry

be involved in script readings and learn more about latest trends/writers in theatre, film, and television.

Technique: Saturdays OR Sundays 2:30PM-4PM
Through the use of improvisation, preparation, and character work students learn to bring their own unique perspective to every role they portray.   Students learn about objectives, sense memory, moment before, character prep and conflict.

Performing Scenes/Monologues: Saturdays OR Sundays 4:30PM-6PM
Learn how to make a scene/monologue come to life with vivid, compelling, personal choices. In this course, our young actors will be assigned scenes and monologues toward presentations! Our teachers provide constructive feedback and direction so that students can confidently make unique discoveries in the scripts they are given. In doing so, our young artists will give a unique, distinctive performance that will make them stand out! 

As a member of the studio, students can receive online, or in-person, acting training during the week with our instructors. We offer various times throughout the day and evening in both private instruction, and with small groups. 

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Is there a specific method you teach? While all of our work is Stanislavski based, we draw from a wide range of influences and approaches to guiding our work. At it's core, we want our students to be confident, emotionally connected, and "living truthfully in the imagined circumstances." Every actor has their own unique approach to get to this point, and our focus is to help each of our students find what works best for them. We draw from decades of experience to connect students with rich traditions, approaches, and perspectives to best help them make strides in their development. 

How are these acting classes different than school drama programs? We find that very often school drama programs are focused on productions. Our work is primarily centered on developing the young artist's craft through a series of technique work, and individualized script work. 

How is your studio different than other acting classes for teens? Our community and culture. The amazing parents, young artists, and teachers who've been here for over twenty five years has fostered an incredibly artistic, supportive, and creative space. People constantly note the joyous, creative atmosphere of our studio and this is directly attributable to the amazingly supportive group of students and parents. We cultivate this atmosphere by being very attuned to each individual student and their unique needs/challenges, and how to integrate that within a larger group framework. 

Hear from Our Students

Hear from our students