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Doomed on Zoom premieres at the end of July

Alumni Jackson Eick completes his first film

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Rehearsals begin for "For Antigone"

"A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting" with Troy Johnson premieres October 14th


how to overcome shyness

Overcoming Shyness

We examine what it means to be shy, and exercises to help you express everything you’re feeling! 

An Interview with Bekah Brunstetter

The Young Actors Studio speaks to playwright, television writer/producer Bekah Brunsteter about writing. 

becoming a great actor

Practicing Acting From Home

How can anyone practice acting in their home? Much of Stanislavski’s work was dedicated to “an actor’s work on himself.” It’s important that you understand yourself so you can add your uniqueness to the parts you play.

online acting

Making Your Home a Stage

Human beings are forever in action and knowing how to work as an actor is half the battle.  In this article, I will recommend ways to create a playing space at home that will help you feel inspired, creative and confident.

online acting

Online Acting

Are my parents listening to me right now? 
Why can’t my little sister be quieter?
The WiFi keeps cutting out! 
Why is this desk chair so uncomfortable? 

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