January 31, 2020

Shining a Light in the Darkness

Shining a Light in the Darkness  As a kid I was afraid of the dark. There was this pervasive fear that something was lurking either in my closet, or under my bed. This “something” took many different theoretical shapes and forms, but it’s effect was to make it extraordinarily difficult for me to fall […]
January 16, 2020

Photos from the Teen Class

January 16, 2020

2020 Winter Photos

2020 Winter Photos: Opening Weekend
December 27, 2019

Prepare for the 20s!

Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together. – Leonardo DaVinci A new decade. The Twenties.  What do you envision for it? Could this be THE decade where your work went to new heights of creativity and production? Where you started to fully accept […]
December 4, 2019

You are the One

YOU ARE THE ONE IT ONLY TAKES ONE MINUTE  -The one-minute monologue Acting tips for auditioning with Monologues When we audition for parts we are always trying to show as much as we can in as little time as possible.    Young actors want to “show it all,” even when all […]
November 5, 2019

An Interview with Former Student, Emmett Carnahan

Where are you training as an adult actor?I train at the Atlantic Acting School, a branch of NYU’s acting program. What year are you in at college or conservatory?I’m in my final semester graduating in December. How did the Young Actor’s Studio prepare you for college?Not only did the Young […]
August 26, 2019

Photos from Kids Class

August 6, 2019

Surviving as a Child Actor

Having taught acting school Los Angeles young people for over twenty years now, it has been one of my main aims to prevent them from following the same path that I did as a young actor. On the face of it, this may sound a little odd coming from someone […]
August 4, 2019

2019 Summer Photos

2019 Summer Photos