Young Actors Studio Membership Handbook

Communication and Conduct:

We pride ourselves on being a close knit creative studio in which differences are praised. We are a place for young artists to experiment and explore safely to achieve greatness.

– While we recognize everyone has very busy schedules, it is important for members to communicate with the office when they are running late, going to be absent, etc. 

–  It is imperative that parents/guardians share with us any issues which may impact a member’s participation in training.

-We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, physical abilities, national origin, or on any other basis prohibited by law, is not allowed.

-While cell phones and other electronic devices are allowed during break and in the lobby, use of cell phones (or other electronic devices) inside the classroom is not allowed. If parents need to get in contact with a student, please text the office at (818) 432-2011.

-Students will respect the rights and feelings of others, and will refrain from any unwanted contact toward another.

-Whenever a student has a concern, they are absolutely encouraged to come to any Young Actors Studio staff member or to have their parent/guardian call or email the office.

-Students should refrain from wearing flip flops/sandals, and are strongly encouraged to wear attire that is comfortable to move around in (for example: jeans, sweatpants, leggings, pants, etc.).


-There will be an ongoing automatic monthly charge of $300 on a credit/debit card. The first month’s charge will process on the day registering as a member, future payments will all be processed on the first of the following month (for example, if you sign up on December 15th- this will cover January membership, and so the next automatic charge would be February 1st).

– New members start at the beginning of the upcoming month. For example, if a new student enrolls on October 20th, then their membership will begin on November 1st.

-If a monthly payment date needs to be changed, please contact prior to the monthly charge. 

-To pause or cancel membership, please notify the studio by emailing by the 20th of the month that the student will not be continuing for the upcoming month. Any notification after the 20th means that the automatic charge will still be processed for the upcoming month, but no future payments will be processed.

– There are no refunds on current month; however, pausing or cancelling membership does not provide any refund for the amount already paid; however, it will stop any future automatic payments.-To pause, or cancel, membership please email

Weekend Classes: 

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– Studio members can select to participate in Technique on either Saturday or Sunday (2:30PM-4PM); and script work from 4:30PM-6PM. 

– Students indicate a day that they prefer to take weekend classes.

– There will be no weekend classes the following weeks: the last weekend of December, the first weekend of January, Thanksgiving weekend, and Fourth of July Weekend.

-Students can only make up excused absences; unexcused absences cannot be made up. All make ups must be made up within 30 days of the absence.

Excused absences include: death or illness in the family, medical/dental/mental health appointments or related issues, work related (e.g. filming), and attendance or observance of any religious holiday. Parent/guardian must contact the office in advance (unless unable to because of an emergency) for an absence to be excused. Failure to notify the office about an absence will result in the absence being unexcused.

Virtual/ In-Person Instruction:

– Students have the option of participating in our in-person, or on-line classes. Upon registering, new students must indicate which class type they are planning to participate in. 

-Students can decide to change to in-person or on-line at the beginning of a new month, provided there are still spaces available.

-Depending on circumstances, the studio may have to return to virtual instruction as external circumstances dictate. 


– Live presentations are only for students in the Production Group. Students can be admitted into the Production Group starting in September, January, or April.

-Students in the Production Group must commit for the entire session: September-December; January- March; April- June. They are only allowed one absence per session. Any absences must be made up by scheduling an extra rehearsal during the week.

Summer Camps:

– We offer a three week summer program in the last three weeks of July. This program goes Monday- Friday from 9AM-3:30PM. Studio members can apply their $300 July membership credit towards the summer program.