2020 Summer Acting Program

Schedule: July 13th-31st, 2020: 9AM-3:30PM (Full Program) OR 9AM-12PM (Half Day Program)

Program Includes: Acting Technique, Script Work, On- Camera, Improvisation, and Production

3 Separate Age Groups: Kids, Younger Teens, and Older Teens

The top acting studio for kids and teens in Los Angeles offers a three week summer program in July. This program includes acting technique, voice/movement, on-camera work, improvisation, and the opportunity to work on a full production.
Our summer acting program is a unique opportunity for students to work in a conservatory style training, and fully immerse themselves in the work we do at the studio. We emphasize how our students are a critical part of the storytelling process- whether it be for television, film, or theater. Students dedicate themselves to learning the craft of acting so that they may fully serve the story. For that reason, we are not focused on short-term acting tricks, or tips on booking a commercial. We want our students to develop a solid technique that can take them for however long they continue to act.