Acting Classes for Kids

  • Courses Include

    Technique, Scene Study, On-Camera, Improvisation

  • The Schedule

    Saturdays OR Sundays 10AM-2PM (Full Program); 10AM-12PM (Technique Only)

  • Classes Start

    starts April 4th/5th- classes go until mid June

  • Have Questions?

    We love talking about the work! Give us a call at (818) 763-1208, or e-mail


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Intro Video for Kids Classes

We actually have a lot of things going on at the same time. Some students will be working on scene study, whereas others may be developing a new show with a professional writer. Additionally, some students become so inspired they start developing their own scripts with friends. As students progress at the studio, we encourage them to take new challenges so that they are constantly growing in their work.
First, and foremost, we want every one of our students to be at the studio because they find acting lots of fun! The common denominator amongst all of our students is their excitement at being here. In regards to experience, we have a real mix here and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Whether or not they are going to be a professional actor, we encourage the kids to be natural, open, and aware of those around them and their own unique qualities.
Our primary focus is to keep them natural. Most kids naturally possess the qualities necessary to be successful actors: creativity, imagination, enthusiasm. The key is to maintain these qualities even when they have to rehearse/perofrm a scene/monologue repeatedly and as they become self-conscious in certain circumstances. Our years of experience have forged unique, and successful, ways to maintain a child’s sense of spontaneity, wonder, and freedom in their work.
  • I sent Shia LaBeouf to Jeff Alan-Lee twelve years ago, and I keep sending him clients to this day. I love The Young Actor’s Studio!

    Theresa Valenti Beverly Hecht Agency
  • Superb teachers! I am wowed by the quality of talent coming from The Young Actor’s Studio. Wonderful!

    Andrea Curtis Paragon Talent Agency