What are the Best Acting Schools in Los Angeles?

best acting schools in los angeles

The first thing actors must decide is where their gifts lie and what they wish to achieve.   Are you interested in doing commercials, comedy improv, sit coms, movies or stage?   What about musicals? Next, wherever you go, you must feel inspired by the teaching and feel safe to explore.

If you love doing sketch comedy or stand up comedy, then perhaps you may like The Groundlings, http://www.groundlings.com/  or Second City, http://www.secondcity.com , or The Upright Citizen’s Brigade, https://franklin.ucbtheatre.com/talent

If you would love to do commercials and have fun making money every time it airs, then a good place to consider may be Killian’s Workshops. http://killiansworkshop.com

If you are looking to venture into Musical theatre then a top coach for singing would be Broadway vet and top vocal coach, Bob Garrett, www.bobgarrett.net, you’ll need to finish the package with dance and Millennium is a good place to check out www.millenniumdancecomplex.com

No matter what you choose, the teachers have to be the ones who not only inspire but support you.   No one needs to be belittled or made to feel bad when being critiqued.   Good critique makes an actor say, “Oh yeah! I can do that!, I understand.   Let me try that again. “

After decades of working as an actor and training with the very best instructors and now being an instructor myself, the best acting school in Los Angeles brings out the best in you. There is no one like you on the planet, and whether you like it or not, accept yourself and go fourth.   You need to trust the fact that you do matter and you do have something to offer as an actor or an artist.   Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.   Acting is an individual art form that needs to be free to express itself.   It is a multitude of personalities, differences and appearances coming together to celebrate the unitary miracle of being human.   You are part of that miracle.   You are an important part of it.

best acting schools in los angeles

At The Young Actor’s Studio here in Los Angeles, we work with young actors and adult actors and help them nurture and discover their uniqueness first.   Once that is discovered, it is to be cherished and protected both by you and by the teacher at the acting school.   As an actor, writer, musician, or dancer, your job is to do the work and not judge how good it is.   When you’re out auditioning all you can do is present what you’ve learned in class. Let them judge it , but you are under no obligation to listen to them. Listen to your teachers.   Your teachers put time and energy in wanting you to succeed.   I personally want my actors to succeed professionally and creatively. I love teaching because each time I go to work I see a completely different view on the same role.   Each student I teach represents months and many times, years of teaching.  

The actors I teach for years become more and more great. The variety of roles and material gets greater and greater.   As an acting teacher I’m always amazed at how the greatness just grows in students, the longer they stay at it.   The roles they begin to play become more varied, their ability to reach emotional heights increase, and the effortless behavior that you see on film becomes more and more intricate.   It’s wonderful.  

As you continue your search to pursue your dream, look for a place that feels like home.   It should feel like a safe creative hub for you to try things, to take risks, to fail, to try again and succeed.   You will succeed, I promise.     Do not worry about how good you are.   Just do what you do best.   And what you do best comes only from you and not from the best acting school in Los Angeles.

We are wishing you every success!

-Jeff Alan-Lee

Artistic Director of The Young Actor’s Studio