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Author Archives: Jeff Alan Lee

How to Memorize Lines

Memorizing Lines-YouTube sharing In this podcast, Jeff and Andrew discuss different methods on how to memorize lines. It’s important to remember that there are LOTS of different strategies for leaning to memorize lines, so it’s important to try different ones until you find the approach that works best for you. Here are some of the […]

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Monologues for Kids

We are often asked about monologues for kids. Monologues are used quite a lot when auditioning for plays, agencies, school theater programs. Here are some great book suggestions, along with some advice. – Monologues should typically be between 1-2 minutes long. – Here are some choices kids should make in regard to their monologue: 1) […]

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Confidence in Acting

It seems we are always playing parts in our lives. We are the good student, the best friend, the smart kid, the athlete, the dancer, singer, the nerd, the musician, etc. We are always altering ourselves to fit with what we are told are the right feelings, the right look and the right behavior. I […]

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Dealing with Auditioning for Kids and Teens

How can I prepare my kids to become actors and how do you deal with auditioning? Encourage them to have fun! Think of an audition as a performance that you are going on in the middle of the day. Have something fun to do right after the audition. Go out and have an ice cream […]

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Why go to an Acting School?

Why go to an acting school? Many actors in Los Angeles feel like they have natural talent and don’t need an acting school to train in. You can indeed rely on your natural talent and get work for a small amount of time, but it is important to know that your talent needs nourishment, challenges […]

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Latest Podcast: Writing Your Own Material in Acting Classes

Our latest podcast is now up! This week Jeff and Andrew describe how we’ve begun incorporating more writing into some of the acting classes. Some important points: -Why is writing so important in an acting classes? First, increasingly a lot of actors are creating their own work. Secondly, writing helps us to get in touch […]

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Difference Between Kids and Teen Acting Classes

One of the most common questions we get is what is the difference between the kids and teen acting classes? In fact, we pride ourselves in not drawing too sharp a distinction between the kids and teens. Very often acting schools will make a kids acting class more like a fun time, and then get […]

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Advice for the Beginning Actor

“It’s the actors who are prepared to make fools of themselves who are usually the ones who come to mean something to the audience. “- Christian Bale We couldn’t agree more with this quote. The fear of looking foolish is one of the biggest impediments to an actor’s ability to fully flourish in our acting […]

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The Goal of Acting Classes for Kids

At our acting school we do interview for prospective students. The interview is a chance to see if these are the right set of acting classes for the kids. Oftentimes when the interview first begins the kid might be a bit hesitant, a little tense, not completely forthcoming in answers. One of the commonly subsequent […]

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Having a Voice in Los Angeles

This up-coming week, we are adding a voice elective to our line up of acting classes. All students enrolled in our acting school are welcome to attend. More and more as I coach young actors for auditions and performances, I notice how the simple act of making a loud sound releases emotions that kids and […]

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