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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Jeff’s Acting on Camera Class – Thursday Oct. 28th

We had a great first day! We started with vocal warm up and resonation and went into commercial copy and how to color a script and how to make personal choices and have them as well in the audition. We taped and shot a Duncan Donut commercial that was funny and fun. All students were […]

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Jeff’s Teen Classes Saturday 10-23 and 10-24

I’ve been thinking a lot about merging the literal set pieces of an audition room or set and how to use your own place work to recreate behavior. I came up with a wonderful exercise where students have short speech and they have to both use the literal space with their place work and keep […]

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Jeff’s 7-12 Class Saturday and Sunday acting classes 10-23 and 10-24

Voice work in the Voice classes are really progressing. Students are learning breath support, volume, enunciation, diction and vocal range with power and control. The progress has been great and I’m urging everyone in the core acting classes to enroll in this class. It’s only 9.00 a class and will really help you break through […]

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Week 4 and 5 with Jeff Alan-Lee (technique) 7-12 and Teen acting classes

I focused on helping students deal with place work. They were asked to re-create a place around an important time in their lives. I’m primarily trying to get the new students the ability to live and interact with the place so to loose self-consciousness and live in the scene. Advanced students in the teen class […]

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Week 5 Update- Andrew’s Saturday Morning Class

The majority of the time in acting technique this week was focused on an exercise called The Bird. Basically, it introduces students to the concept of prior circumstances (what the character has gone through before they enter the stage or when the camera turns on), and then adding imaginary circumstances. Students think of a rough […]

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Week 4 Update

We delved into a bit more serious work this past weekend in the acting class. The main acting technique exercise this week was place work. We began by doing a full relaxation where students work on getting rid of as much tension as possible, and really concentrating. I then had the students think of a […]

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Week 3- Jeff’s Classes

7-12 Kids Acting class – Saturday -Sunday We began with warm ups, the name exercise, and then, onto physical ailments. Students worked on re-creating a sprain and then trying to overcome the pain by walking. I also had students carry a heavy block or chair and then let it go and try to create a […]

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Andrew’s Saturday Week 3 Morning Class

Our classes went really well this week… In the Saturday acting class we kept going on with personal object work (we had only begun it the week before). Lots of really strong emotional work was happening. Students would begin with imagining the object (or animal- as there were dogs. Lot of dogs) and then I […]

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